John D. Gifford & Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 7501 
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302


Local, National and International Private Investigations, Computer Forensics and Security Consulting Services for Business and the Legal Profession, by Former Former FBI Special Agents, Former Law Enforcement Professionals and Experts in Their Respective Fields.

Michigan Private Investigations
Detroit Private Investigator

All Investigative Matters:
Asset Search
Audio-Video Recording Installation 
Audio-Video Recording Enhancement
Criminal, Civil and Financial Investigations
Comprehensive Background Investigations
Surveillance-Physical and Electronic
Surveillance/Counter Surveillance
Electronic Counter Measures (Sweeps)
Employee Discharge and Protective Services
Executive Protection
Personal Protection
Witness Location
Witness Interviews

Michigan Forensic Services 
Detroit Forensic Services

Crime Scene Examination and Analysis
Fingerprint Comparison and Examination
Firearms and Tool Mark Examination
Handwriting Comparison and Examination
Ink Dating/Analysis
DNA Testing and Analysis

Michigan Computer Forensics
Detroit Computer Forensics

edata discovery
edata recovery experts
edata analysis
edata expert witness-court testimony (Qualified-State and Federal Courts)
Computer Analysis
Computer Forensics
Computer Forensics Expert
Computer Forensics Expert Examination
Computer Forensics Expert Witness Testimony (Qualified-State and Federal Courts)
Forensic Computer Examination and Edata Analysis
Electronic Data Recovery and Analysis of Digital Media from all Electronic Storage Devices
(Hard Drives, Flash/Thumb Drives, Telephones and Cameras)
Installation of Monitoring Software
Spyware Detection and Removal